The Scottish Wedding

So the wonderful invite arrived (in a golden tin) to a glamorous wedding in Scotland…on 31st March?? Arghhh what to wear, won’t it be snowing in March? Or it will be pissing down with rain? At the very least freezing cold, it is Scotland after all? I know! My vintage mid-length raspberry crepe skirt with the thick navy pussy bow shirt  I made last year, topped with a faux fur cape. Snuggly and stylish and not an inch of black in the outfit, perfect!

Then as the date drew closer I realised that the weather was turning and we may well be faced with glowing sunshine and champagne on the lawn. Wonderful for the bride and groom, not so perfect for the thick crepe and faux fur ensemble. A serious change of outfit tactic was needed, now I was not going to get carried away, it was still Scotland and it was still March.

2 days before we were due to drive north I was flicking through a copy of RED Magazine and saw this page…my inspiration!

Retro styling, ¾ length sleeves, nipped in waist and polka dots that was what I needed…

I found the perfect pattern Colette Peony and the perfect fabric Laura spot stretch cotton in navy

Cutting out the fabric using various sewing accessories and weights

The final dress on the grand staircase of the wedding venue, luckily the sunshine came out and we all had a wonderful day.

Happy sewing xxx

3 thoughts on “The Scottish Wedding

  1. Fabric Godmother says:

    Thanks Helen, the fabric was so wonderful to wear as it has 3% elastane, so you can even dance in it! I got lots of lovely comments at the wedding as well, which is always nice.
    Happy sewing xxx

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