11 pretty vintage floral aprons.

DATE: 26th May 2012
THE MISSION: 11 girlie, flowery, vintage style aprons, with BIG bows designed to protect the MEN from the BEEF!
LOCATION: A farm in Herefordshire!

My fabulous friends Mr and Mrs Hunter got married in the beautiful May sunshine last month. The food was served ‘family style’ with the main course a huge joint of perfectly pink beef to be carved at the table by a nominated guest.

As the Bride was concerned about the gents suits (and wanted a good old belly chuckle at them in florals) she tasked me to make 11 man size vintage pinnys!

Here are the results, everybody loved them and they made a fabulous fun talking point at the dinner tables. I think the men all look rather refined in their aprons!

They did get their back on the bride later though as they bundled her up for a photo shoot!

My favourite bit, the custom made labels, complete with kitty!
If you want to make your own vintage style pinny simply draw round one of your own aprons to get the shape right, I then used a selection of florals, stripes and spots in a simple cotton mix fabric to create a vintage mix and match effect. The custom labels came from Woven Labels.

Happy sewing xxx

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