Dressmaking…..motivation essential

A month ago I went to the wedding of the Vintage Man Aprons (see previous blog post).
I had planned to make myself a stunning midnight blue lace dress lined in hot pink satin. Using my current favourite pattern the Colette Peony – WOW.

Except it didn’t turn out that way. I simply ran out of time, too busy making aprons and I never finished the dress. Instead I decided to wear a lovely blue silk Theory dress, the one that Mr Fabric Godmother calls my fried egg dress because some of the giant pixelated flowers do look a bit like fried eggs.  (Maybe it was just as well as the sun came out on the day of the wedding and the tan lines from the lace dress would have been hysterical.)

So I now have a half finished shell of blue lace hanging longingly on my dressmaking dummy and no reason to finish it. I know I will love it when it is made but to be honest right now I can’t be bothered, I mean when am I going to wear something at striking as that, not exactly a Sunday morning coffee dress or suitable for walking on the hills is it? I could substitute the hot pink for a more sombre black or cream, making it slightly more versatile but I think it will kind of loose the impact if I do that.

I already have my next project planned, a pencil skirt in this fabulous wax print cotton, dress it down with a white t shirt or up with an orange top and statement heels, so much more wearable than a Midnight blue and Hot pink lace dress. But I know the minute I remove the lace dress from the dummy it will go into that elephants graveyard of half finished sewing projects and I am not quite yet ready to resign myself to not finishing it.

So here is my plea fellow sewers and dressmakers. Please give me the motivation to finish this, a raison d’etre for the dress. 
If only so I can get started on the pencil skirt before all chance of summer eludes us!

Happy sewing xxx

4 thoughts on “Dressmaking…..motivation essential

  1. The undomesticated scientist says:

    if you don't finish it you will have to change your name to helen and come and look after my kids! and do my cleaning and washing etc as you will have desended into the depths of procratination like me! (if my kids are not enough to scare you, nothing will motivate you he he he

  2. Fabric Godmother says:


    Currently based in Worcestershire although we are moving south to London in a months time. We send free samples and can post anywhere in Europe if you are interested in any of our products.

    Fabric Godmother x

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