Halloween costume – Part 1

This Halloween we have decided to host our own Halloween party. As well as spooky food and decorations  we are of course making it fancy dress. (isn’t that the whole point of Halloween the dressing up?) I have been using Pinterest to gather ideas, see my board here. For food and decorations but was getting stuck at what to wear.
Then trawling though the internet for costume inspiration I came across the American icon Martha Stewart’s website. She has some brilliant ideas for Halloween costumes including this Black Widow one.

I love this costume, so creepy… I straight away ordered over 100 black plastic spiders from Amazon as well as some packs of spider web. I also got this amazing spider web printed net fabric.

I’m not quite sure what to do next, I like the idea of making a peplum top in black and wearing it with a black skirt and fishnets, then sewing the spiders all over the tights in a creepy crawling all over me kind of way going all the way up to my head. But what can I do with the spider fabric?

Anyone got any exciting costumes this Halloween?

Josie xxx

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