Meet Tweet the birdie cushion (+ free pattern)

This weekend my friend Rebecka and her daughter Halo came over for a sewing day.
I worked on my coat with leather sleeves (more about this coming soon…) and Rebecka made a lovely Alma blouse in hot pink jersey with a navy trim (very cute) 

Tweet cushion

However Halo was the star of the day making this wonderful cushion, who she named Tweet! I thought I would share it with you, in case you have any budding sewers in your house who may like to make their own Tweet!

What you need:
PDF pattern
Piece of fabric for cushion (we used orange fleece fabric)
Scraps of fabric for the wings, eyes and heart
Faux leather for the eyeballs
Stuffing (I use budget pillows, much cheaper than buying stuffing)
Fabric glue, scissors and needle and thread

Sticking Tweet together
Sticking the bits together


  1. Down load the FREE pattern PDF 
  2. Fold your fleece or background fabric in half so It is 2 layers thick and trace round the pattern (you will need to flip the pattern over to do the second half)and cut out
  3. Cut out pieces of scrap fabric for the eyes, wings and heart and using the fabric glue stick them on
  4. Cut smaller circles in the faux leather and stick them on to make the eyeballs, then stick on a triangle of fabric for her beak
  5. Once the glue has dried put the back of the cushion on top of the front (right sides together)and stitch all round leaving an opening at the bottom of about 20cm (Halo sewd the cushion by hand then I quickly zipped round with the machine to make sure the stuffing wouldn’t fall out)
  6. Turn the Cushion right side round
  7. Cut out 2 legs and stitch in place then stuff the cushion
  8. Finally sew together the gap at the bottom and you are ready to go.

Funny eyes
Funny eyes!

She loves Tweet
Look how much Halo loves Tweet

Happy sewing xxx

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