Copying my favourite skirt

My favourite skirt is now 17 years old and still going strong. Every winter I pull it out of storage, send it to the dry cleaners and  wear the hell out  of it.

Fabric godmother pencil skirt
Look how my outfit tones with the pretty Autumn leaves…

It is such a classic, I love the double darts in the back (I am lucky enough to have a tiny waist, shame the same cannot be said about my hips!) so this is really flattering for me. It came from Monsoon back when I was a sales assistant at Accessorize and had to wear Monsoon clothes for work.

The slightly A line shape looks like a pencil skirt, but you can still walk in it – bonus!

As I love it so much I decided to try and replicate it in another fabric. I started off by drawing round the skirt, allowing a little extra fabric at the waist for the darts.

The cut 2 versions one of wool (See similar wool fabric here) and one from some old crepe de chine I had for the lining. (Since discovered not ideal as it is a little static with some tights!)

I added a narrow waistband stiffened with interfacing so it wasn’t too bulky.

I am really please with how this turned out, it was so simple and I now have 2 favourite skirts!

Original skirt from Monsoon

Paper pattern

Weighting the pattern

Marking the waist darts

Sewing the waistband

Sewing the waistband

Sewing the waistband

Finished skirt

Skirt lining

Fabric godmother pencil skirt

Happy sewing xxx

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