Slim cut trousers – Hot Patterns review

Slim cut trousers

So these may have the longest pattern name in history Hot Patterns Classix Nouveau Dolce Vita Slim-Cut Pants…phew!  But the first thing you notice when you open the pattern envelope  is that it is printed on PAPER, yes real paper, like the kind you draw or print on, not wafer thin tissue that rips and crumples at every opportunity!

This makes them a pleasure to work with, and also last so much longer, which is just as well as I plan to  make many more pairs of these trousers.

I used a simple black cotton sateen fabric with a nice bit of stretch in it. Check out the pocket and waistband lining detail!I followed the longer length pattern with no back pockets (I always find back pockets like this scrunch up and make my bum look even bigger!)

!WARNING- Bold statement alert!
This pattern has the best zip fly instructions I have ever used, it came out perfectly!

I had to take the trousers in at the waist (A lot)I took in the sides and back seam and also added 2 pleats in the front as the pattern seems to be designed for someone with a slightly larger tummy than me. I love the pleat details at the front though I think they give a more stylish finish.

These are the perfect trousers, you can dress them up or down and could make them in so many fabrics, I think they would look great in a lovely brocade.

Slim cut trousersSlim cut trousersSlim cut trousers

Happy sewing xxx

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  1. Rosie Martin says:

    Josie, I can't believe you say these are the best zip instructions! They don't make any sense to me – I can't work out what they are trying to explain and it looks like some of the diagrams are wrong. Please can you give me some advice? Rosie xx

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