Ohhhh I get all excited when I get to give something away
I was so inspired by Handmade Jane‘s wonderful post about the Roma jersey  that I decided to make myself a top out of the Roma jersey. It is wonderful to sew with, so quick (It doesn’t need finishing as it is a stable knit so won’t fray) and when you wear it it is all warm and snuggly!
I am going to give away a wonderful Sewaholic Renfrew top pattern and Roma jersey fabric in the colour of your choice to make it. Hell I will even throw in a reel of thread to match so you won’t have to leave the house to make this perfect winter top.
What colour would you pick Grey MarlBlack, Navy, Forest Marl or Aubergine?
The Renfrew is the perfect top pattern for those of you scared of sewing with jersey, it has clever bands round the hem and sleeve so no worries about wobbly bottoms *insert you own joke here* and the Roma jersey is the perfect fabric to make it with.


  • Follow my blog
  • Take a look at the Roma jersey
  • leave a comment below telling me which colour and version you would make this top in
  • That’s it!
Important bits..
The closing date to enter is 15th December (that way you can get it in time for Christmas)
Each person may only enter once and winners will be selected by Dinky-Bo (watch this video to see how this selection process works)

If you are lucky enough to live overseas (not UK) you can still enter but you may be required to pay for postage if you win

Happy sewing xxx

143 thoughts on “Giveaway!!!!!

  1. Sarah SKay says:

    I would make View A in the beautiful Aubergine, maybe making a longer version :)I have just bought some Roma in the Navy for a wonderfully cosy wraparound dress and this would be perfect for wearing underneath :))) Sarah

  2. The Sewing Directory says:

    I think I would go with the gray marl because it looked great in Handmade Jane's post. That dress looked stunning.

    I would make up version A of the top because I need long sleeves in this weather but aren't a fan of the cowl neck in version c.

  3. Sonia says:

    Ohhh – what a fab giveaway. The roma looks lovely and I've read so many great things about the renfrew pattern! It's a really tough choice between the aubergine and forest marl but I think I"ll go for the latter (everything I've bough has been aubergine lately!) and I'd do view C but with view A arms to keep me extra cosy warm 🙂

  4. Sarah_L_N says:

    I would use the grey marl to make version C 🙂 I absolutely love the aubergine, but sadly it is not a good colour to put next to my face, so I have to go for skirts in that colour, rather than tops!

  5. Claire Cooper says:

    now they style is easy – cowl neck version with full length sleeves. I've been eyeing this pattern up for a while, but haven't got around to getting it yet. As for Colour I'm torn between Aubergine and forest. but I think I'd go for the forest!

  6. Kat says:

    Ohh. I have never dared to sew with jersey before, but this might just be the kick I need! View C is lovely with the cowl neck. I would make it in aubergine or forest, if only to get me out of my Make All The Grey Things rut… (I do love grey!)

  7. Sean MacKenzie says:

    Hi, I came by your blog via Handmade Jane whom I follow. So I'm now a follower, checking out the fabric and it's a tie between the Forest Marl and Aubergine. LOVELY fabric!

    Sean "The Fictionista"

  8. Maria says:

    I love cowl necks, so choosing a style was easy. As for colour, I like them all, but would probably go for navy. A bit boring, but goes pretty much with everything.


  9. Meigan says:

    I found you via Handmade Jane and have enjoyed browsing through your blog.

    I have been admiring the Renfrew for a while now. I'd love to make the cowl neck version in the Aubergine fabric. What a great giveaway!

  10. nuzzle says:

    Thank you for cheering up these winter days with a giveaway.

    The aubergine is divine, and would look lovely in version B (but with long sleeves)


  11. ursy87 says:

    The fabric looks lovely, as much as I like the aubergine, I would plump for the Forest Marl with the cowl neck. Good shape for my body and I am trying to get more green in my wardrobe! 🙂

  12. Dilliander says:

    Hi, I found your site via Jane's blog. Her dress is great so I'd love to join in!

    My choice would be the beautiful and versatile navy Roma jersey made up in View C. I have yet to try the Renfrew top, but am a fan of knits and cowl necklines. Such a lovely and generous give-away, thanks 🙂

  13. PoldaPop says:

    So glad to have found your shop (through Handmade Jane) – it can be hard to find good apparel fabric stores. I'd love to own the Renfrew and I'd start by making view C in aubergine, but I'd make all views in time. I love love love sewing with ponte knit and you have a great selection! Thanks for offering this giveaway! poldapop[at]gmail[dot]com

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