Team Tilly!!

If you liked the Great British Bake Off then you are going to LOVE the Great British Sewing Bee. Those clever clogs that made baking fabulous again have only gone and done it with home sewers. Best of all one of the contestants is one of my favourite sewing bloggers Tilly. If you haven’t seen her blog Tilly and the Buttons then you really must.

Tilly and the Buttons

I am so happy for Tilly and will be cheering away at the TV screen on Tuesday night at 8pm. She has a such a fun sense of style with a bit of a vintage feel to it using bright block colours in a really modern way. What is really exciting is that sewing is now making its way onto prime time TV, having been an avid sewer for as long as I can remember it is great to see it coming back into fashion again. As well being a great way rebelling against the throw away clothes mountains making your owns clothes means you can show off your own sense of style and own something a bit more individual. As well taking pleasure each time you wear it knowing all the heard work you put into it.


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