Spotty trousers

I was a little nervous of this whole patterned trouser trend it felt a bit scary to highlight the part of my body I am less happy with. Even so I decided to jump in and have a go! Well I am converted I LOVE these spotty trousers they are so comfy and can easily be dressed up with some killer heels or played down with a pair of white Superga trainers

I made them out of the supreme Laura spotty stretch cotton (a favourite fabric of mine see the dress I made here) Fabric available here. Stretch cotton fabric is ideal for this style of trousers as it is super comfy and comes in some wonderful patterns.

I used the same pattern as the black trousers I made a while ago (see them here) it is from Hot patterns and is called the tongue twister Classix Nouveau Dolce Vita Slim Cut pants (wow that is a loooong pattern name!) Available here.

Now I am addicted I will be making some here are the fabric I am considering, which one would you use?

happy sewing xxx

6 thoughts on “Spotty trousers

  1. Fabric Godmother says:

    Thanks Helen, maybe I will try the bird print though my track record with white clothing is not great – chocolate, coffee if it's brown and I can spill it I generally will.

  2. Joanna says:

    I made some summer trousers with the spotty fabric and some floral garden ones and a pair from the black patterned stretch cotton and they are all much admired by friends. Oh and I'm 70 this year too but looking forward to a recap of my hippy days.

    Fabric Godmother, you fabric is really great quality, good to find a reliable source. Thank you


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