My First Anna

I have named this post My First Anna, because hand on heart I WILL be making this dress again. 
The Anna dress is the fourth offering from those oh so clever girls at By Hand London.
I choose a light washed denim for my mid length, slashed neck version of the Anna. The great thing about this dress is you can make it is an fabric with plenty of body like this denim as well a wonderfully slinky floaty silk and it would still look great.
I didn’t make a muslin (I never do, I am such a lazy sewer!! I usually choose an easy to sew fairly cheap fabric for my first try of a pattern, that way I can wear it if it works and if not well I haven’t wasted too much money or time) So I guess this is my wearable muslin.

My favourite part of the pattern are the double bust pleats. Not only because of the way they are described in the pattern instructions “opening up almost flower like to accommodate your boobies” but also be because they make my ‘boobies’ feel flower like and me feel all girlie and special!

Next time I make the pattern I will adjust the neck a little as it gaped slightly at the front, unless I am standing up very straight like I should. Probably  because I have a narrow back so often have to adjust patterns.
I also found the neck facing didn’t seem to sit quite right, something I have read in a couple of other blogs. But easy enough to fix by tracing the neckline and making my own facing.
As I said before, I am a lazy sewer, however with this dress I made an extra special effort with the finishing. I promise this dress looks almost as good inside out as the right way round. I pressed and stitched all the seam allowances and bound the waist seam and facing. Then I used bias binding to finish the hem for a really un-bulky finish. I am sorry no pictures of this, believe it or not I am actually stood in the middle of Peckham for these pictures (See Peckham gets a bad press and it really has it’s beauty spots)and I didn’t fancy stripping off to turn the dress inside out to prove that point you will just have to take my word for it!

Next time I want to make a long dress in something altogether more floaty and girlie, not my usual style, but I just feel this dress would work so well in a long floral version..Though maybe will have to leave the bike at home for that one!

Denim fabric available here
Dress pattern available here 

Happy sewing xxx

13 thoughts on “My First Anna

  1. Nicki says:

    Really lovely, I so want to buy this pattern but will have to wait a while as I have a backlog! Is it me or have there been lots of awesome pattern releases recently?! Nice to see Peckham getting some positive press. The first house we ever bought was on Peckham Rye (Austins Court if you know it) and we spent many happy years there.

  2. Charlotte Hintzen says:

    Yes Josie! Really loving this denim version, think I'm going to have to make one myself. Would full length maxi denim be a little to Britney circa the Justin Timberlake days? Maybe I'll have to find out… Thanks for posting! x

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