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I have seen loads of amazing Kimono jackets in the shops and on fashion blogs recently. They always look super glamorous and really easy to wear.  Ideal in this warm weather as a cover up (also great for a bit of public breastfeeding – sorry one of my musts for clothes at the moment as a new mum to a 6 week old)
I think they look fabulous worn with jeans during the day, with a pair of cocktail trousers for the evening and over a bikini (I wish) on the beach.

They are basically 2 rectangles of fabric sewn together halfway along the centre then under the arms. Simples! So I figured that I didn’t need a pattern and got cutting.
I cut 2 long rectangles and sewed them together to almost half way (along the long side)
I then folded them in half across the width and sewed up the sides to create 2 arm holes. I then finished all of the raw edges by turning them over and sewing hems on them.
I made a belt/headband out of a length cut from the side of the fabric. In total I used 2 metes of 150cm wide fabric.

I used a cotton voile fabric for mine so that it was transparent without being totally see through. This fabric also had the right balance of body and drape to give shape without sticking out. This is the Zeeta cotton voile in orange – also available in pink.

Zeeta – orange

Zeeta – pink

Other fabric suggestions for a kimono style jacket are 

Link viscose – red for a nautical feel
Pixelated roses wool and viscose for a fabric to take you through to winter
Happy sewing xxx

Below is a diagram to show how to make the kimono.
The width of the rectangles of fabric should be the width you want the finished garment to be allowing for a little cross over at the front.
The belt sits inside the back and then comes out through the arm slits to tie at the front

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