End of summer culottes

I had never sewn with viscose before and wanted to give it a try. 
For my first experiment I went for a simple pair of culottes, ideal for the end of summer! They look like a skirt but you can ride your bike in them, or wear them on a windy day without risking an over exposure!! 

The pattern was taken from an old issue of Prima magazine from last time culottes were in fashion, I remember making them then when I was a teenager, I know they say you shouldn’t wear a fashion item if you can remember it first time round, but hey rules were made to be broken weren’t they?

It has an elasticated waist and no pockets so I whizzed this up in no time.  Great, if like me you love a sewing project that you can make in a day and wear out that evening.  I used the Ditti viscose in blue and cream.


Sewing with viscose was incredibly simple, it doesn’t move around too much so is easy to cut and sew.
I did most of it on the overlocker, just using my machine for the waistband and hems.

I am now a viscose convert and plan to make a blouse for my next project.
If you fancy having a go at sewing with viscose check out these lovely designs.




Happy sewing xxx

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