When I saw Handmade Jane had taken over OWOP I was really excited as I love the idea of wearing a single item in lots of different ways.

My favourite patterns are dress patterns with a slightly A line skirt as I find them most flattering  for my pear shape the Colette peony (seen here and here) and the By hand London Anna (seen here and here) both fit the bill and I have made them a couple of times so had a good start on my OWOP wardrobe.
This was going to be easy wasn’t it?
Except I have a 12 week old daughter and spend my days feeding her/ changing nappies/ rolling about on the floor doing tummy time/ wiping up puke,sick etc… Umm not really dress friendly activities.
Back to the drawing board (sewing table) for a rethink.
I had been thinking about making some slim fitting trousers in a cotton fabric with stretch for a while, I love my Hot Pattern dolce vitas in spotty and plain (here and here) so thought I could try something similar in a bright floral. I had seen the ultimate trousers from Sew over it but was drawn the the Clover trousers from Colette (Q. why didn’t she stick to the Hot patterns pattern I hear you ask??? A. I thought it would be quicker sew another 3 pairs of trousers from scratch with a side zip rather than 1 more pair with a zip fly Doh – why oh why did my reverse lazy logic let me down at this point??)
I also only decided to give the OWOP challenge a go 3 days before it started so it didn’t give me much time to start sewing.
The challenge was on!

I made 3 pairs in 2 days I will blog about the details of each of them at a later date but the low down was 1 pair as per the pattern in cotton sateen pattern with stretch, 1 pair pattern hacked in spotty jersey with the zip removed and a roma ponte waistband added and the third pair with the legs widened and a metal zip feature in denim. (all of the fabrics and the pattern can be found on my website www.fabricgodmother.co.uk)

The savvy among you will notice there are only 6 photos here, I did take a photo on day 5 but managed to delete it! I promise I was wearing the denim version again with another white t shirt) 

I had a busy week planned so needed versatility and supreme comfort, here was my diary

Day 1. Skate Jam 
Day 2. Food festival 
Day 3. Mum came to visit
Day 4. Birthday lunch by the sea
Day 5. Relaxing at home 
Day 6. Yoga class
Day 7. Coffee with friends

My verdict, I love all 3 versions but I like a little more versatility in my wardrobe, a skirt or a dress now and then to break it up. So next year I will be searching for a more versatile pattern to meet all my clothing whims in one week. Maybe a dress I can hack into a skirt and top? I also realised I have made very few tops, so I had nothing me made to pair with any of these trousers…(off to pick out some blouse and t shirt patterns)

Happy sewing xxx

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  1. Helen says:

    3 pairs of trousers, in 2 days, with a 12 week old! My son is 4 months and I just managed my first sew since he was born – a Grainline Scout and it took me 3 days!!! Go you!

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