Clover Pants The Trilogy – Part I

For my OWOP challenge I decided to make the Colette clover pants (or as I am in the UK should that be trousers?)
I promised to go into more details of the 3 pairs I made so here goes.

Pair number one were my “fun” pair of trousers. Following on the success of my spotty trousers I decided to have another go at some patterned trousers. I chose a bright stretch cotton sateen for this pair, going for a darker background so they would go with black (I like to wear a lot of black) and also hopefully be more flattering.

This pattern is so easy to sew and this fabric is ideal for them, this doesn’t mean they were perfect though.
My main comments would be: 
1. I did follow the measurements but the trousers came out quite big, as I was so short on time I didn’t make a muslin (I never do unless it is a really expensive fabric I just test the waters with a pattern making what will hopefully be a wearable muslin) so in the future if I wanted a more fitted version like the pattern pictures I would go down a size.
2. The instructions for fitting the zip were really easy to follow, however I often find that plastic zips just don’t cut if for trousers as they don’t seem to be strong enough, they can get a bit bent then they are so hard to do up and undo (cue lesson learnt for next time.
3. I should have made an FBA (full bum alteration) for these as the front was a couple of inches higher than the back and pulled down a little, I remedied this on the next pair.
4. The waist band didn’t seem to be quite long enough for the trousers, luckily as they were a little big and tried them on before adding the zip I was able to take them in so that the waistband fitted. (Has anyone else had this issue with this pattern or just me?)

All in all though I would say winner! (which was just as well as I have another 2 pairs left to make to complete the challenge!)

Yes that is a giant Chelsea bun I am holding!

Happy sewing xxx

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