I made my own leather handbag – so can you!

I really wanted a new handbag, one that was real leather, nice and simple in design. Not black (I already have enough black handbags!), navy ideally as my favourite winter coat is navy. Not a giant bag, yet big enough to fit in all of my bits and bobs. Ohhh and it also had to have a strap long enough to fit across my body and the pram handles. 

I started checking out all of the designer handbag websites, scouring Vogue etc, then whilst trawling through old blog posts on Tilly and the Buttons, I found the leather bags kit she’d made. Lightbulb moment! I can make my own bag.

The Saddlebag was exactly what I was looking for. It was really easy to make, the instructions are very clear and the real leather pieces are pre-cut and punched so all you have to do is line up the holes and sew. Perfect for a beginner or an experienced sewer who likes a quick project.

Here is a video of me making it – watch it, it’s lovely and makes you feel all warm inside! http://youtu.be/mhTZ_y6LAu8

If you fancy having a go at making your own bag or think that you know somebody who would love a bag kit as a present the kits are available here. As well as the messenger bags there are also small and traditional size satchel kits available.

Happy sewing xxx

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