Christmas may well be fading into the distance (even if all the mince pies I ate have yet to follow) but that doesn’t mean we need to stop wearing red.

Red, once the colour of Baywatch swimsuits and Chris De Burgh songs, is now having a bit of a fashion moment.
It is a daring, bold colour and if anything is going to pull you out of your January blues it is a nice splash of red (no, not wine remember those resolutions?)
Want some inspiration of what you can make in red? Take a look at my Pinterest board. There are some classic vintage shapes from Handmade Jane, surely she is the original Lady in Red? Closely followed by Tilly who also loves a bit of red adding her own je ne sais quoi to the clothes she makes.
Feeling ready to take on red? Here are some of our favourite red dressmaking fabrics
Roma Jersey Dress Fabric
Prestige Crepe Dress Fabric
Embossed Scuba Dress Fabric
Have you ever made anything in red?
Happy sewing xxx

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