Ok I know I am massively late to the Coco party and totally unoriginal making a stripey version. But seriously this top was made to be stripey and hey I’ve been busy. Last week I shared my Breton Top inspirations, if you missed it take a look at the Pinterest board I made.
For this I used the Coco pattern with a plain neckline and the Bobbi striped jersey.

I’m not going to bang on too much about this pattern, I think the photos speak for themselves. Even if I do say so myself this top looks great. The neckline is just the right shape and size to make it ultra flattering. I took a bit of time trying to match up the stripes on this top and they were almost perfect, though the arm holes matched perfectly in my armpits so maybe

I added 2″ to the length at waist as I am tall but then took 2″ off the bottom and sewed up the slits as I found the shaped sides made the bottom of the top a bit flappy for my liking I prefer straight sided tops. This pattern is so easy, I mean I made this in about an hour. My biggest tip would be make sure you stabilise that neckline and iron each step of the way (testing that the iron is not too hot first I made a hole in the fabric this way, luckily I tested it rather than sticking the iron straight in the middle of the fabric)

If you would like to have a go at making your own version of this why not buy the Coco kit? It contains the fabric, pattern and thread and works out cheaper than buying them separately.
Happy sewing xxx

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