Did you watch the sewing Bee last night? Wasn’t it great? I think it just keeps on getting better each year. Who is your top tip to win? I think Lorna or Neil, how fantastic to have some more men this year.

The first challenge was to make simple cotton trousers, for some reason this seemed to baffle even some of the more experienced sewers with trousers fronts being sewn to backs and zips on inside out. I’m guessing it was just the nerves, time frame and Claudia doing her brilliant shouty thing that got the better of them.

My favourites were: Paul’s, for fabric choice the marble effect was really on trend though he lost points for wobbly top stitching. Amanda’s were pretty stunning as well though she did show off a bit doing French seams which may have cost her time. Neil had army efficiency to his trousers, finished to top standards! But I think Lorna’s were my favourite, that fabric choice was inspired I was already away with May sipping that Pina Colada!

If you want to have a go at making some cotton trousers like the ones on the show here are the best patterns and fabrics.

Sew over it – Ultimate trousers
Simple sew – The classic trousers
Colette – Clover pants
Amelia stretch cotton
Lena cotton
Lizzano cotton sateen 
Aloha cotton

Happy sewing xxx


  1. Scruffybadger says:

    I enjoyed it too! (Well who wouldn't?!) But it was completely coincidental that I chose to post about my Ultimate trousers made using Fabric Godmother sateen the very next day! I love the fabric options you have shared above- all would make such cool trousers, but I especially love the floral- dapper!

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