Yonks ago when I blogged about my first ever Tilly and the Buttons Coco (still to make the second one but the fabric IS waiting in the wings) a couple of the more observant of you noticed my skirt.
I had also made the Hollyburn by Sewaholic in black scuba fabric.

Sewaholic patterns are designed for pear shaped girls, BIG TICK for me then! This means when ever I have made one of their patterns I have had to do very little alterations to the fit. See my Belcarra and Saltspring.

One of the promises I have made to myself this year is that I must make clothes that I actually wear. How many other people have a wardrobe full of pretty flowery summer dresses but spend their lives wearing black jeans and a Tshirt or jumper?? A good start to this is clothes that not only fit but are designed to suit my body shape. I really learnt my lesson last week when lusting over a simple shift dress in a bright fabric. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen me posting pictures of a Colette Laurel. Now I love the idea of this dress but in reality it just doesn’t suit me.
So I have ditched the Laurel (Shame as I do love that painterly fabric, maybe I can turn it into a top or something) with my tail between my legs and am going back to clothes made to suit me.
Back to the Hollyburn, I love this skirt, it has pockets (great to stash your mobile and car keys while dealing with a baby) it took about an hour to make, it is so comfy and actually makes me feel quite smart and did I mention it has pockets? Scuba is the perfect fabric as it has just the right amount of body and swish to it. Being scuba it also means it doesn’t need to have the seams finished as it doesn’t fray, I didn’t even hem this skirt, talk about speedy sewing. If you fancy sewing with scuba but are put off as you have never used it before – don’t be it is really easy to cut and sew and all of our scuba is washable at 40 degrees and can take a very cool iron, just don’t tumble dry it!
And Tasia if you are reading this PLEASE design me a simple shift dress for a pear shaped fan.

Happy sewing xxx


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