We love all of our customers, even the ones that ask loads of questions, as they are the most passionate ones! So we thought how wonderful it would be if we could meet some of you in real life.
Normally we run as an online business only, while this allows us to keep our prices competitive, spend time sourcing you the best fabrics and wear our PJs to work if we want to, it also means we don’t get to meet you in person. *sad face*
So we have decided to open our doors to you all on a special open day. Not only will we have loads of fabric and patterns, but we will also have sewing bloggers, tea, coffee and cake (made by Grandma) and a chance to meet lots of other sewing people.

Saturday 15th August from 11am-4pm 
Fabric Godmother
E11 Knoll Business Centre
Old Shoreham Road
We are a short stroll from Portslade station (7 mins from Brighton) or if you are driving use the entrance on Bellingham Crescent for free parking
I hope to see you there.
Happy sewing xxx
P.S We’ll try not to wear our pyjamas for the open day..;)

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