TIME TO GET COSY (and a thank you)

Ok, let’s start with the fact that I’m going to mention that our summer is on its last legs and it will soon be ‘snuggling in front of the fire’ season. All of you who are still in the last few sunny days of denial, hide your eyes now! For those of you ready to face the future we have got something to make it wonderful and cosy. You’ll be wishing for cloudy skies just so you get a chance to wear one of these scrummy jacquard jersey knits!

Dibby jersey
Takka jersey
Kopi jersey

Want to know what to make with these fabrics why not try a Mabel skirt from Colette?

Mabel skirt pattern

Or how about an autumn cover up with the Lark Maxi Cardigan from Jamie Christina?

Lark maxi cardigan pattern

Also a HUGE Thank You to everybody that made our open day on Saturday. The day started with a bang and queueing almost out the door as people raced to get their hands on the fabric. At one point we nearly had a fight over some of the Italian wool! But luckily there was just enough on the roll to keep everyone happy. The Marin jersey proved a huge hit and I can’t wait to see all your makes on Instagram Facebook Twitter or whatever platform you choose to share on. The coffees, teas and cakes made over £100 which will go to Unicef. A special thank you to Zoe from SoZo who was my right hand lady for the day, Mum, Grandma, Mullins and The Fabric Godfather. Without you all,  I could not have pulled the whole thing off. And lastly an apology to anyone who turned up at the end of the day as somebody had locked the doors, I’m so glad you made it through Claire and sorry to anyone who left without getting in. To all of you who asked, yes we will be doing it again…

Happy sewing xxx

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