Our newest denims are amazing!
We have 2 tone denims, ideal for a turn up or contrasting trim. Stretch denims, to make a pair of comfy jeans and coloured denims, ideal for skirts with a bit of POP!

I have teamed the fabrics up with my favourite patterns to give you some denimspiration! (sorry)

I think this Mustard Denim is just asking to become a Arielle skirt from Tilly & The Buttons, imagine cute contrasting buttons down the front like Tilly’s  version!

This soft grey denim would make a stylish duffle coat like the Albion from Walden  (by Colette)

Use this 2 tone Red and Indigo denim to make a Named Wyome Boyfriend Jeans and let the red flash out in the turn ups.
How are you going to get your denim on??
Happy sewing xx

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