I’m so excited that I manged to find some of this rare Japanese selvedge denim for you.

So what is the big deal about this stuff? Well, back in the 60s and 70s when the denim weaving industry in the USA was booming, manufacturers moved to high production and invested in bigger looms.  These factories then sold off all of their old narrow width looms and the Japanese textile industry snapped them up. The denim made on these smaller looms is artisan denim with extra care and attention paid to the dying and finish of the cloth.


The denim made on these looms is unique and can often feel very different to standard denim. The texture can be changed by making small changes to the way the shuttles work on the looms. The dying process is also more complex than standard industry denim. To this day many Japanese weavers keep secret the exact ‘recipes’ for their denim. You can identify selvedge denim by a couple of destinctive features. As it is woven on old looms it is much narrower than other denims and also it has a distinctive finished edge, often with coloured thread, rather than a frayed edge.

Top-standard denim Bottom 2- Selvedge denim 

This finished selvedge edge is often used as a design feature of this denim.  Use it along the outside seam of a pair of jeans so you get the selvedge detail when you turn them up.


We have 2 selvedge denims in stock one with an amazing slub finish and the other a rich indigo denim.

Have you thought of how you will use the selvedge denim yet?
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