WOW! I was (almost) left speechless when these beautiful and bold floral fabrics were shown to me.  Ex-designer fabrics all the way from Italy, you’re gonna get noticed in these stunning fabrics.

Gertie viscose in navy and magenta has large scale florals on a soft creamy background. I would love a simple T-shirt style blouse in this fabric to make the most of the intricate details of these prints.

Alexia is a textured stretch cotton, again big florals, this time on a dark mustard background. This fabric would make an eye catching pencil skirt and the added elastane would make it really comfy to wear.

Ellison viscose has a authentic vintage feel to it, a small wandering floral on a dark blue background would make a pretty winter blouse or shirtdress.

Creshe is another gorgeous viscose, this time a large repeating pattern of mirror image florals dominates the design. Made for a kimono to just pull on over a black sweater and a pair of jeans.

Happy sewing xxx

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