If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I am a massive fan of the sweatshirt.

Originally developed in the 1920s  in America. Sweatshirts were  Benjamin Russel’s answer to his football player sons complaints about the itchy woolen jumpers they wore. As the owner of a women’s underwear factory the first Sweatshirts were made of ladies underwear fabric. I am guessing not the stretch lace we favour these days! Quickly they gained popularity among sports fans in the US and the name sweatshirt was born, as a result of the state of the shirts after a game.

So what do I love about sweatshirts?

Firstly they are about the most comfortable item of clothing known to mankind. Excluding maybe a fleece onesie, but  I am not that kind of girl! Secondly they are now socially acceptable in almost any situation, use a luxe fabric or add a sparkly statement necklace and you can even wear them to a fancy party. Thirdly, they are so easy to sew. I can knock one up in about 45 minutes, and that is one satisfying bit of sewing!

I like to add a bit of detail and individuality to my Sweatshirts so I tend to mix up the fabrics a bit, choosing a feature fabric and pairing it with a plain. Our Roma jersey is ideal for this as it is really soft, washes very well with no bobbling and comes in loads of great colours.

Here is my Checked sweatshirt made with Checked ponte roma and the plain navy Roma jersey.

For this one I used a Botanical print faux leather as the feature in the front of the jumper and paired it with a plain red Roma jersey.

How will you mash up yours?

Happy sewing xxx

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