If like me you have always struggled to buy off the shelf jeans, my issue is always a gaping waist, then  why not make your own?

Ginger jeans from Closet case patterns are a tried and tested jeans pattern (just google them to see many wonderful versions) with a a high or low rise waist option and 2 legs shapes you will find your style n this pattern.

Use a denim with a bit of stretch like our Barkweave stretch denim and you will have your perfect fit jeans.

Carolyn pajamas come in a short or long version, designed for chic lounging. I would totally wear these out of the house. Use a luxury fabric like our Bye bye birdie cotton and stick on a pair of high heels to prevent it looking like you have stepped out in your actual pajamas. Night out drinking outfit done!

The Clare coat is a simple funnel neck coat ideal for this chilly time of year. Make yours out of our Maite wool for a stunning winter coat.

Last, but by no means least, is the versatile easy Nettie pattern. Make a body con dress or a body suit (that would go perfectly with your high waisted Ginger jeans) Use the Optic dot jersey for the ultimate Spring summer ’16 feel

Happy sewing xxx

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