GBSB, MMM16, OUTRUN! what am I talking about?

I can’t believe we are practically a third of the way through this year already, how did that happen? We have had a really busy start to the year and it doesn’t look like May shows any signs of quietening down. So I thought I would give you a quick low down on what is happening in May.

Firstly, May sees the return of The Great British Sewing Bee. This will be the fourth series of this amazing program and I’d bet you are all waiting on tenter hooks for it to start. Who will be the young kooky one? What will the new judge be like? How hot is Patrick?
If you are lucky enough to live in or near South London, then why not join up with Ana from Coco Wawa crafts and Elena owner of Sew It With Love for a weekly live viewing in a lovely pub in Camberwell (full details here) Don’t live close enough? Never mind, you can still join in with their fun as they are running weekly giveaways as part of their International Great British Bee Sewing Meet Up using the hash tag #gbsbmeetup Check out Ana’s blog for the full rules) Of course yours truly Fabric Godmother, will be giving away an amazing prize.

Second on the agenda is another Sewing return. Me-Made-May 16 run by the totally awesome Zoe Edwards, blogger, refashioner, super mum to Delores and Fabric Godmother Sewing teacher! (phew) Me-Made-May 16 is about encouraging us makers to wear, talk about and love our handmade clothes. See all the details about it on Zoe’s blog. I had so much fun joining in last year. The biggest lesson I learnt was to stop making so many dresses as I don’t really wear them that much. So I challenged myself to make more separates. Follow me this year to see if I’ve managed to make myself a wardrobe with enough separates to enjoy wearing for a whole month.  I have also noticed that everything I have made this year has been patterned, I love bold prints but hardly ever wear them (afraid I am a black, navy and grey girl, usually dressed up with a bright scarf, necklace or red lipstick). So while this years challenge will hopefully make me break out of my black and navy rut, and wear some of the lovey things I have made, I also want to use it as an opportunity to make garments that will transfer easily into my daily wardrobe. Sooooo…. here goes, my pledge for Me-Made-May 16:

‘I, Josie from Fabric Godmother, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16. I endeavour to wear at least one me made garment each day for the duration of May 2016. I also promise to make at least one plain item of clothing’

It may seem that just pledging to make 1 garment in a whole month is a bit poor but I have also taken on another challenge for May. I will be running a Marathon in May. OK not all in one go (that would be CRAZY!) I can hardly reach the end of the road without having to stop for a ‘stretch’ This is part of the Outrun challenge to raise money and awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support.  Many of us have had to face the challenges that cancer brings to our lives, the support that the nurses at Macmillan give is so vital to many people. It costs £204 to pay for a nurse for a day. Imagine if everyone who reads this blog gives just £2 to support me, how many days nursing we could pay for. So please take a moment to click on my Just giving page and show me some support!

Happy sewing xxx

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