Time to get cozy in a coatigan! See our wool knit selection

It is September tomorrow, yes I know, how did that happen???
This means a few things in our house…

  • The leaves have already started to fall in our garden and pretty soon the ground will be a beautiful carpet of gold, yellow and orange.
  • Memories of brown legs and summer glowing skin will fade quicker than you can say ‘freckles’
  • Evenings are getting shorter, which leads onto the best bit…
  • You can legitimately start sewing cold weather clothes *does a little dance*

I’m currently dreaming of open fires, country walks and a super long cardigan. You know the one, kind of a cross between a coat and a cardi also known as a ‘coatigan’.  The type of garment you can throw on in the evening as the sun’s warmth begins to fade, then wear every minute you are awake inside the house in January.

As I luuuve to do, I was scrolling through Pinterest for some ideas and pulled together a board of inspiration. Take a peek, you may find your dream coatigan in here.

Obviously I wouldn’t be sharing all this with you if I didn’t have a collection of amazing knitted wools to also share with you. All Italian Ex-designer fabrics, these cuddly creations will have you wishing for wellies, bonfires and hot chocolate in no time!

Check Boiled Wool Knit – Mustard

knitted wool dressmaking fabric

Happy sewing xxx

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