Have you ever made your own coat?

I had a go at making a winter wool coat a couple of years ago. I’m not going to lie, it was a real challenge. I think mostly because I choose to use a PDF pattern which had almost an entire forest’s worth of pages to stick together. Coupled with the fact I choose to use faux leather mixed with thick wool, 2 completely opposite fabrics in terms of weight and behaviour. Since then I have been desperate to have another go at making one. However I have been a little daunted by the idea of tackling such a large garment again. But with all of the wonderful new printed coat patterns now available and these amazing new ex-Designer Italian wools we have just had in, I think the time may be here for a second attempt. The only question is, which one to go for?

Ouzo boiled woolClare coat, imagine snuggling up in this boiled wool.

Oriche boiled woolArtemis coatigan, just WOW!

Nome, this quality Italin wool tweed bonded with scuba- Harriet lumberjack jacket.

Vuna, top quality Italian wool – Albion duffle coat, ladies version for a smarter take on the classic duffle coat.

Ziggy lightening print woolGoldstream coat – because Mr Fabric Godmother would look fab in this Bowie inspired pea coat

Italian boiled woolCascade Duffle, in case Mr Fabric Godmother thinks the Bowie coat may be too much! (is there such a thing as too much Bowie??)

OmproCordova jacket would be really cute with indigo jeans

Circo beautiful appliqued emerald wool with a swirling design- Abbey coat with its curved hem.

Happy sewing xxx

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