New Prints Linen mix fabrics to make you swoon!

Q. What have monkeys and pineapples got in common?
A. Apart from both living in trees, they also both feature on our amazing new range of 60% cotton and 40% linen mix fabrics.

This special buy range of fabrics are only £9 per metre and 150cm wide. However they are limited in availability and once they are gone we can’t get any more. So don’t hang about for summer if you want to get your hands on these and start planning your summer wardrobe.

Pink and green pineapples on a white background. This Pineapple fabric is shouting Pina colada at me louder than an 18-30s rep.  This is going to be your favourite sundress this summer! I would love to see a Rosie dress in this fabric.

Mega pineapples, like the name suggests, these bad boys are massive, each one measuring an impressive 37cm. This is not a fabric for shrinking violets. Go for a maxi dress so there is plenty of fabric to show off this giant pattern, the Saltspring is ideal. Still not convinced you can wear giant pineapples? This fabric would also make superb cushions or a giant beach bag, use the large Fringe bag for a simple throw it all in bag with pockets for sunnies and lotion.

Monkey puzzle comes in 2 colourways Orange or Blue. Featuring cheeky monkeys sitting in palm trees. A simple Scout tee would be super cute and at that price you could have one in each colour.

Tropical flowers take me away to sunny beaches and this bright orange print is no different. Make a Marigold jumpsuit and you will practically feel the sand between your toes!

Clark geometric print has a brilliant black, yellow and white graphic design, I adore this print and think it would look super sharp as a simple shift dress with a black jacket.

We’ve also had this beautiful Abigail linen and viscose mix fabric arrive, the viscose gives it a beautiful weight and drape, perfect for a full dress like Raglan dress.

Happy sewing xxx

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