Ex Designer Italian Wools You Are Going To LOVE

Sometimes life brings you so much joy you literally want to jump on the spot, do a happy dance and wave your hands in the air all at the same time! I assure you that is how you will feel when you see these Italian ex Designer coat fabrics we have for you today. Get ready to up your coat game in the most stylish way.

First up Pink (tick) Bird print (another tick). This top quality wool coating is so attention grabbing you won’t be able to stop watching your reflection as you walk past shop windows. Buy this Bird Print Wool before it sells out.

The Bird Print Wool also comes in a slightly more subtle green colour though sadly there is a slight print flaw in this colour way. The flaw means the print is slightly faded along one edge of the selvedge. This is why it is reduced but it is still a wonderful fabric at a knock out price.

I almost cried when I found this fabric and once I heard the story about how it came about my heart melted. This is a Wool and Linen mix twill panel with a digital photograph on it. The story goes that Alessandro had taken his wife away for a romantic weekend in the Italian countryside. While they were there she spotted this beautiful clearing with lily pads and took a picture (she is a photographer) Alessandro then had the image digitally printed onto fabric so they would remember their weekend away forever. Isn’t that just the sweetest thing? The fabric is a heavy suiting weight so could be made into a wonderful long coat or a pencil skirt. Or you could just hang it on the wall and stare at it.

Arc Jacquard is a reversible woven fabric with a luxurious Art Deco feel to it. This mid weight fabric would work as an unstructured coat or a cardigan. For added drama make it to the floor.

Happy sewing xxx

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