Top 5 Velvet Sewing Tips

Velvet is the number one fabric this party season. There is still plenty of time to make yourself a little velvet number and to help you on your way I have pulled together my top tips. Below these tips you can see my favourite velvet pattern suggestions.

Top 5 Velvet Sewing Tips
  1. Make sure that you have the pile going the same way on all pattern pieces. The  short pile that gives velvet its lustre can look like totally different colours depending on the light. If you cut your pieces different ways this will stand out like a sore thumb once you have sewn it up.
  2. If you are sewing a Velvet jersey then use a jersey needle and a jersey stitch. If your machine doesn’t have a jersey stitch, a long narrow zigzag works just as well. This will prevent the stitching from braking as you put the garment on.
  3. Invest in a walking foot, this feeds the fabric through from both the top and the bottom. If you don’t use a walking foot make sure you use plenty of pins or tacking to keep the velvet in place while you sew. 
  4. You can iron velvet but make sure you don’t use steam, keep the iron cool and use an ironing cloth or piece of muslin to protect that pile. (Don’t ask me how I know about this one…)
  5. When finishing velvet you should avoid double folding as this adds bulk. Instead finish the hem by overlocking or use a wide zigzag along the edge then a single fold. 
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