My Esme Cardigan – A Snuggly Lesson in The Coatigan

Christmas is just about ready to go back in its box and be put away in the attic for the next 11 months. And so begins the slow crawl towards summer. Skint January with the days slowly getting longer.
We’re all giving up booze, sugar, cheese, basically all the things we have been surviving on for the last few weeks. Discarding everything that make us smile. Replacing them instead with cold morning runs, promises of a healthier, better 2018, oh and a whole new set of sewing resolutions.

If you haven’t yet embarked on a Coatigan then you really should add it to the top of your 2018 sewing resolutions. A cross between a Coat and a cardigan, as the name would suggest. This is just the garment to layer up and get you through to spring. I made the Named Patterns Esme cardigan in our fabulous Floral Embossed Ponte Roma Jersey. (Which by the way is currently in our sale and reduced to only £9.99 per metre) This is my second Esme and I really love this pattern. I made no changes, it is wonderfully long and a really snuggly generous fit so if you don’t want yours as oversize as mine or, if your fabric has lots of give to it, I would suggest going down a size.

Happy sewing xxx

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