Battle of the sweatshirts – Your Guide To Sweatshirt Patterns…

For me, January is all about getting out and doing some exercise or hankering down on the sofa and binge watching Netflix. Either way I need a wardrobe that is going to match my life style. I also want to get started on my New Years Intentions (I don’t do resolutions they are just too easy to fail at) One of my intentions this year was to make more clothes. Ok I may not be doing dry January but I have made a stack of clothes this year and we are only 18 days in.

Quick easy makes = Instant gratification = January smugness

I started with a pair of leggings and loads of fab sports wear fabric. I then challenged you to start sewing with jersey. Now it is ALL about the sweatshirt. Now I am partial (read: addicted) to sewing a sweatshirt. Why? Well…

  1. Sweatshirts are easy, I can whip up a Toaster in less than an hour these days.
  2. They are utterly wearable every single day, I can’t say that for the many summer party frocks I used to make.
  3. Why wouldn’t you? With so many beautiful swoon worthy jerseys and many different pattern options there is bound to be something there that you will fall in love with.

Here are my 3 Top Sweatshirt Patterns.

In at number 1.

My current favourite Sweatshirt pattern is the Sloane Sweatshirt from Named Patterns. A simple boyfriend style sweatshirt with beautiful long bust darts that give it a feminine edge. I love the height of the neckline on this. I have lengthened it just 2cm. The pattern is cut for people 5’7″ but as I come in over that I need the extra length in both the body and the sleeves. The original pattern had a much smaller waistband but I lengthened this for a more relaxed fit. It now sits on my hips rather than tight round my waist. Try our new Leopard Ponte Roma to make a  fab version of this sweatshirt.

Number 2 was a tough call but in the end I have plumped for the Toaster Pattern from Sew House Seven.

What swung it for me on this pattern was the choice of styles. I have only made the winter friendly raglan sleeve version with a high neck and waist band. There is also a version with more of a swing body and a simpler neck. The best bit of this version for me is the deep sleeve cuffs. I made the bottle green version in a Roma jersey in forest and the thicker more chunky version in a Sweatshirt fleece. I love that this pattern is so versatile and changes so much depending on the weight of the fabric. I would really love to see this version in the new Floral Wool Mix Ponte Roma we have had in. Then I want a version B in the lighter Spot Ponte Roma. #sweatershirtgoals

And finally at number 3, my first sweatshirt love, is the Linden from Grainline Studio. This is where my addiction to making sweatshirts. The only reason I place this at number 3 is because at this time of year I prefer a higher neckband, I get a chilly bit on the back of my neck that seems to control my entire body temperate. This pattern is amazing and it is so versatile. Once again I make the lengthening adjustments. I also find that if I add 2cm to the length of neckband then I get a much smoother neckband with no puckering. I love adding a contrast panel in the front, see almost every version I have ever made (below is just a few of them) anything goes, faux leather, sequins you name it! The other hack which was a winner was my frill insert. I simply measured 7cm from the neckband all around and chopped it in half. I then inserted a frill all around.

There is also a long list of patterns I am just itching to make. Starting with the Bowline from Papercut and the Gemma from Named Patterns.

 Papercut patterns Bowline Sweater (Intermediate)

If you fancy having a go at making a sweatshirt, take a look at some of our brand new sweatshirting fabrics on our site…

(also in Black & Silver)

(also in Claret, Red and Royal Blue)

See the full range of sweatshirt fabrics in our Jerseys section here.

Happy sewing xxx

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