Me Made May ’18

May is a fabulous month! It has TWO banks holidays!

It is also the month of my favourite me made challenge. Though Zoe, the founder, won’t like me calling it a challenge because as she is very clear that is not what it is, neither is it a commitment to post photos every day on social media nor a requirement to panic sew a new wardrobe ready to take part.

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For those of you who do not know what Me Made May is about, it is a chance for you to pledge something to do with your Me Made wardrobe for May.  It can be anything from wearing only me made to finishing UFOs or filling a gap in your Me Made wardrobe.

Zoe, the author of the wonderful So, Zo…What do you know Blog, started Me Made May on her own 8 years ago. At the last count there were over 1000 people joining her this year. Wow! Way to go Zoe, what an incredible feat of togetherness you have created.  I think people love joining in as there’s no set rules, you decide what to do and also you don’t need to post loads of pictures on social media if you don’t want to.


I find it a great opportunity to really evaluate my Me Made wardrobe and see which pieces I actually wear and where the gaps are. I am terrible at making clothes on a whim of lust then a couple of months, sometimes even days, later I have gone off them. My Gold faux leather skirt for example, is not getting much wear out of Christmas season. But there are other pieces that I love and are my real go to pieces. Such as my black cotton sateen trousers and my SOI  pussy bow blouse dress hack. So expect to see these on repeat throughout the month.

Here is my pledge..

‘I, Josie @Fabricgodmother, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavour to wear something handmade everyday in May 2018. I will also plan carefully my next make to ensure it is an item I will get lots of wear from’

It’s not too late to join in if you haven’t already, simply go over to Zoe’s blog and make your pledge.

Happy sewing, Josie xxx

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