Seventies Vibe – Lander Pants

A post by Hannah from New Craft House 

The pattern: Lander Pants by True Bias

The fabric: Raw Denim 12oz in mid blue

I’ve been scheming about some denim Lander pants for the last few months and the arrival of Autumn spurred me into getting some cut. Anyone who has dabbled in jeans making knows how hard it can be to find good quality, non-stretch denim in a comfortable weight to wear and a colour you like – but this denim from Fabric Godmother ticks all of those boxes for me!



I’ve made Lander pants in linen and twill and been pretty happy with the fit, so I stuck with those adjustments for this pair. I generally do a full seat adjustment on all trouser patterns I use and the Landers are no exception. If you have any amount of junk in your trunk I’d definitely suggest it for this pattern so they don’t flatten out your bum.


This was the first pair of Landers I’ve made using the Zipper Expansion Pack from True Bias. I wanted an enclosed zipper fly so they’d look more like jeans and I’m really pleased with the result. I normally insert zippers as per the Ginger jeans instructions, but this new-to-me method was surprisingly simple. The zipper fly gives a sleeker, cleaner 70s look to the Landers – I love it!


Josie recommended I wash the denim with a tennis ball and luckily for me Twigs is the ultimate tennis ball thief, so I have a whole bag full at home! I stuck one in the washing machine with the denim and made sure I dried the denim totally flat to avoid any white lines drying in. The denim was a dream to sew. I’ve spoken to some newer sewists who are nervous about denim, but so long as your machine can handle slightly thicker fabric you’ll have no problems, it isn’t a particularly tricky fabric to sew. It was the perfect weight for these trousers and after a day out and about I can attest to the fact that it is comfortable to wear.


I’m really excited to see how this denim ages, I love the lived in wrinkles that a well-loved pair of jeans get. The arrival of Autumn has got me thinking about garments I want to add into my wardrobe and these Landers will be a key item. I’m already planning more!


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