The Perfect Me Made Gift

A post by: Josie 

The pattern: Lehja Dressing Gown

The fabricInda Linen & Viscose Mix

Now that it is November I think it is perfectly ok to start talking about Me Made Christmas presents. These take a little more time and thought than standard off the shelf gifts as not only do you need to decide what to make for your loved ones, you also need to actually find the time to make it!

Photo 23-10-2018, 13 05 51 (1).jpg

I recently made this lovely dressing gown for my dad for his birthday.  Nightwear makes superb gifts. It can be highly personal as you can choose a fabric that you really think reflects the wearer’s style, but they never have to wear it out of the house so if you get it a bit wrong, well that’s ok too! Plus, they don’t need fitting in the way that other garments do so you can keep your makes a surprise without having to sneak off and start measuring clothes in other peoples wardrobes.

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For women, I don’t think you can go wrong with the Gather Buchanan dressing gown, the Closet Case Carolyn PJs and for men the Lahja Dressing gown from Named patterns is my favourite (currently only available as PDF from Named Patterns)

Photo 23-10-2018, 13 11 40.jpg

This Linen and Viscose mix fabric is ideal for a men’s dressing gown. For ladies, I think that any of our cotton lawns would be really beautiful, why not make matching pjs as well?


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