A Green Marshmallow

A post by Jo (The Unfinished Seamstress)

The pattern: Marshmallow Dress by Cocowawa

The fabricSorrento Viscose Crepe on Bottle Green

What do I want in a holiday dress? I want soft, glamorous, luxurious fabric, I want special details, and I want lots of room for mince pies and vegan cheese. Tick, tick, tick.
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As soon as I saw this Sorrento viscose crepe in bottle green, I knew if would be perfect for me. I love to wear green, it was central to my winter sewing plans, and I’ve had my eye out for an alternative to silk for something fancy for the holidays. Crepe, like silk, has a reputation for being difficult to work with, but I think if you cut carefully, and don’t skip any stay-stitching or stabilising, it’s well worth a little extra attention. I could see this working beautifully for all sorts of garments, including lingerie. A long, vintage-style robe would be beautiful in this, or a pussybow blouse. Also, having chosen such a voluminous pattern, I really think the drape is absolutely key (I know I’m always banging on about drape, but it’s important!) to making it look elegant rather than tent-like.
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I had also been eyeing up the Marshmallow dress by Cocowawa Crafts. I normally tend to simplify patterns for easy wearing: omit collars, skip details, pare down. But this dress is for Christmas, so I decided to gild the lily for once; more is more this time of year. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun not only to include the collar, but to space it out a little bit so I could wear jewellery with it. This dress in general is partly inspired by an old Ganni dress that I have, that I always wanted to loop a string of (strange, brown, vintage) pearls through the collar but they just wouldn’t show in the tiny gap – I wanted a little space to show off something special. So this is my solution. I also made a little matching bow tie, inspired by @thepetitecat on Instagram, and I think it’s just a delightful addition – I love it. I feel like it’s festive, but not overly twee. Comfortable, but not at all sloppy. If I make another version (linen, for summer?), I think I would omit collar details, but I’m so glad I’ve done these ones here. For the record, I cut a small based on my bust size, and there was more than enough room for my less-small hips.
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Green is underrated as a holiday colour, in my opinion. It’s more interesting than black, less garish than red, more wearable than sparkles come January. Green, like moss in winter.
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Thank you for reading my first post as a Fabric Godmother ambassador! This was a joy to sew, and I’m so happy to share it with you.
Jo xx

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