A Sewing Challenge

Follow the journey’s of 2 very different people as they learn to sew. Share their experiences and take a peek at their Hand made wardrobes.



File 05-02-2018, 15 44 06.pngRuth is an accomplished Beauty Writer and Blogger. Ruth has never sewn anything before except some bunting for her best friends wedding, I’m pleased to say the marriage has lasted longer than the bunting.


For 2018, Fabric Godmother has set her the challenge to learn to sew her own clothes. She is planning to make 12 garments. Ruth will be recording her highs and lows here on our blog. You can also follow Ruth on Instagram @thebeautybolt



File 06-02-2018, 10 52 59.jpegAt 6’6″, buying clothes can be a challenge for Tivian. Having always dreamt of having a personal tailor, he has decided that the way to achieve this is to become his own tailor. This will enable him to make a wardrobe that reflects his style and most importantly fits him. Normally, Tivian can be found behind the camera or on a Skateboard, follow Tivian as he goes from making tricks to making his own wardrobe.